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I have worked with financial survival with both companies and individuals for over 40 years. The best advice I can give is a Paradigm change is always needed. The daily grind of the crisis wears on you and typically calls your attention to the wrong thing!!!! The deeper in; the worse the call for attention will be. The call is — ‘Pay attention to me, I need paid, I will do bad things, etc.’ Collectors are trained to play on fear. So you pay attention to the loudest voice, issue, problem and notice over time the debt snowball rolling downhill keeps getting bigger and bigger

Look at the Infographic with this Blog Post.

The only solution is – change your Paradigm from solving every problem to “I am going to create NO NEW PROBLEMS!”

That happens when you get to zero based cash management– you get to break-even.

A tool to help with NO NEW PROBLEMS – is a cash budgeting worksheet -weekly that should be prepared 6 to 8 weeks in advanced and rolled forward every week. This can be prepared in Excel and updated weekly with an actual results tab and extended for future periods.

By looking at actual results each week and comparing to the previous projection, the forward plan keeps getting better and better- especially the first few weeks.

Expenses should be listed by – who can put you out of business first– payroll, fed and state tax payments, major vendors etc.

This weekly plan is a great tool for further planning — associated with getting to breakeven!


Cash Budgeting Worksheet


Great leaders make great choices and they make these choices based not just on brainpower and experience.

They have principles in which they believe and adhere to even in the midst of crisis.

These principles are a solid footing when everything around them is shaking and confusing.

Here is a short list of 7 key Principles for Principle Based Leadership with brief explanations (fuller understanding can be gained going through the L4L Leadership Curriculum.):

1. TFA

Thoughts need to lead feeling before action is taken. This leads 100% to better choices! In crisis situations this means facts will outweigh fear when making decisions.

2. Plan not React

Strategic thinking put the future in focus. You can not do much about the past except learn lessons. You can change the future! Who wouldn’t want to do that; instead of letting the future change and control you?

3. Survive then Flourish

Business is about the survival of the fittest. Recessions, disasters, crisis all weed out the weaker players in every industry niche. When the sun comes out, those left enjoy surprising positive results due to reduced competition.

4. Balance the 5 F’s

Faith; Family; Finances; Fitness and Fun are amazingly integrated. Weakness in any area can wreak havoc in the others.

5. Know the Heroes of Your Stories

Successful business leaders know they are the Yoda (the helper) to the Luke Skywalker (the customer) in their business story. The same is true in the other 2 other areas in a balanced life: Faith & Family. When it comes to Fitness and Fun, the hero shift to YOU.

6. Sowing & Reaping

There is a basic law of the Universe; you sow and then you reap. If you sow bad choices, pride, selfishness, etc. the reaping will take a big negative toll. On the other hand when you sow blessings, love, empathy, wisdom, service the reaping will follow in kind. Sometimes we will see negative reaping while we start positive sowing because the law says reaping follow sowing.

7. Compounding

Everyone has seen the compound interest tables with low returns early then a hockey stick curve building after many years. Compounding is another immutable law of the Universe. Sow positive things for years and be consistent and reaping will follow the hockey Stick curve. But you say why is there so much pain in the world? There are many more people sowing negative and few sustain positive sowing over long frames that the deck can be stacked on the negative side- but…. With a long term perspective, even when positive reaping is being overshadowed, I firmly believe in a God who has eternity in His hands and the hockey Curve will extend forever forward.

heroic_leadership_notesHeroic Leadership by Chris Lowney is a must read for anyone truly interested in what it takes to become a great leader and who wants to get away from the pabulum of whatever latest fad is being touted based on looking at the current top business performers.

This list or that list of the great companies changes dramatically as top performers fall from grace about every ten years. I have read that the average stay on the Fortune 500 is now 15 years and dropping.

Mr.Lowney presents a 450 year old company still going strong that helped to radically change and improve the world in a few years and survived and prospered through earth shaking world events. The Jesuits company sent its members around the world at a time other Catholic groups were huddling in monasteries.

Following are some of my notes on the Virtues that helped create these Heroic Leaders and are available to us today. I have moderately remolded the wording of some of Mr. Lowney points to help make them more understandable to me. Get his book to get the source document.

In an increasingly rapid changing world- how do we make change our friend; not our enemy?

Heroic Leadership has to be embraced one leader at a time.

Look for Top Tier Talent – T3

The 4 Leadership Virtues


  • Faith in Action
  • Indifference from unhealthy attachments
  • My non negotiables- who; culture; purpose
  • Confidence to embrace change
  • Not a 1 time project- but a daily self-examination

Heroic Hopes

  • Motto “More”- relentlessly aim for something greater
  • Mission “Help Souls” (I Care)
  • Look to future with optimism and hope- break immediate gratification bias; Optissimi- the very best Emotional Quotient
  • Make the mission personal and do it
  • Create supporting culture
  • Give every individual an opportunity for meaningful contribution

Loving Service

  • Gives passion and purpose to DI and HH.
  • Trumps fear; opposite of apathy
  • Vision to see each person’s treasure of talent, potential, dignity
  • Courage, passion, and commitment to unlock that treasure
  • Resulting loyalty and mutual support of an inspired team.

Disruptive Innovation

  • Foundation Self Awareness’s – Vital attitude of indifference- no unhealthy attachments (I Don’t Care)
  • More than smart, hardworking and creative. More than thinking out of the box. It is- Living outside of the box!
  • Get out of binary trap (yes or no) – All the world’s possibilities are open.