Catalyst Cares

Catalyst cares about enriching the lives of everyone we relate to, creating a movement that builds founders into Enterprisers who together transform and improve our world.

Now, the feelings of failure scar the soul of too many entrepreneurs as they struggle through daily death by a thousand little cuts.

This Leads to Feelings of:
  • Frustration – Results seem farther and farther away.
  • Confusion – Complex issues seem to pile up.
  • Fear – The reality of failure raises its ugly head.
  • Despair – No help is in sight.
  • Loneliness – No one understands the problems you face day after day after day.
  • Anger –Things were not supposed to be this way.
  • World against me – Loneliness and fear can deepen into feelings of paranoia.

Catalyst specifically addresses the reasons for failure and provide a new pathway to gain and apply new skills and best practices until Mastery as an Enterpriser is attained.

With this Mastery come these Benefits:

Expertise builds clear pathways to success


Knowing you have support and help gives new lease on life


Friends have your back


The hopes you have begin to become reality


Hope turns into Heroic Hope


You change the legacy you leave to your entire family


The hopes you have begin to become reality

Would YOU like to join US on this Journey of Hope!

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Why we exist

Catalyst Cohorts is about HOPE.

Hope for a different Future than you might have worried so much about!

As a small to mid-sized business owner you have probably seen these depressing statistics on business failures, but even more so you have lived in the turmoil that causes these people-less statistics. There are no emotions related to statistics, they just become big numbers with no faces. But 70,000 more businesses fail each year than are being opened. Every single one has a face, and many times quite a few faces.

You may worry that someday soon it will include your face.

Catalyst can help!

Failure to survive or failure to grow isn’t a certainty, even if it sometimes feels that way!

Catalyst is a movement

Catalyst targets a special group of Entrepreneurs who have two very specific characteristics:

  1. Passion to grow, AND
  2. Willingness to change

Our Members begin a proven process called Leadership for Leaders (“L4L”) which is like an apprenticeship in the leadership mind set and qualities required to transform their businesses into Scalable Enterprises with extreme growth potential.

Our Enterprise Leaders are trained by Leaders and in turn train others in their businesses and in their life to be Leaders who also train Leaders.

The Catalyst Movement Multiplies Leadership!

And leadership is what is required to build successful organizations, families and communities.


Catalyst Enterprise Leaders are trained to have 5 core competencies:

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Disruptive Innovation
  3. Loving service
  4. Heroic Hopes
  5. Faith

Catalyst has its own Heroic Hope; Transformation! As we multiply Leaders who train Leaders our heroic Hope is creation of a movement that will transform our country and eventually our world.

In the last 7 years, per Census Bureau data, the number of companies with 100 or more employees declined by 5%. There are now only 102,000 companies in the USA with over 100 employees.

Our Heroic Hope is to double that number in the next 10 years!

Would YOU like to join US on this Journey of Hope!

Get your FREE copy of “The E- Conundrum” and discover the importance of becoming an Enterprise builder.

Would YOU like to join US on this Journey of Hope!

Get your FREE copy of
“The E- Conundrum”
to understand becoming an Enterprise builder.

How does Catalyst Cohorts work Content review

Catalyst Cohorts are comprised of 6 non-competitive business owners who have something in common. Their businesses sell to other businesses, or to consumers, or to government agencies, or the owners are starting something new, or they are women, or their organizations are non-profit. Each owner has their own unique experience to offer the other Cohort members.

It has been shown that most disruption in an industry comes from experience outside the industry. This just makes common sense, since different paradigms have always led to major breakthroughs.

Over time, Cohort Members form bonds that build trust as the Members advise, collaborate and help guide one another.

Catalyst Cohorts uses the Leadership for Leaders (L4L) Program as its backbone. Each member has their very own cloud web portal tied together with their other Cohort Members. Their Cloud Cohort Portal has a private Dashboard and administration section and a Profile section accessible only to their other Cohort Members and Leader.

This Portal gives access to a powerful new Catalyst Academy built on the VydSync Training System and filled with a complete, priceless collection of L4L Program best practice topical transformational videos. Each topical short video covers a single actionable item to help you, the business owner, make the change

from Entrepreneur to Enterpriser! Topics also typically include a relevant “Tool” that can be used in the transformation process.

The Portal includes a safe storage place for files that need to be shared within the Cohort. Financial statements, Key Performance Indicators, Action Plans, Business Plans, Budgets and many other pieces about the business of each Cohort Member, all safely tucked away in the Cohort Portal.

Finally, the Cohort Portal includes a safe place to communicate between Members, and store the communication, ideas, accountability checks, etc.

Once a month Cohorts meet for half a day to share financial results, performance metrics and to brain storm leverage points that can transform each other’s businesses. And there is a monthly L4L Program Training video covering key Topics related to Paradigms, Principles and Know-How. Just enough Topical information to actually apply it during the coming month with tools and exercises you can use in your organization!

We even allow you to invite your own leadership team to be Associate Members with access to the Catalyst Academy. This means you become a trainer of your own Leaders on the monthly topics you are learning and applying right away within your organization.

Each month Action Plans are generated for completion or progress by the next monthly Cohort Meeting. They are executed by you and your leadership team and your “Bumper Buddy” hold you accountable for execution and implementation. Stuff JUST GETS DONE!

Cohort Members pair up as “Bumper Buddies” to encourage, advise and hold each other accountable for execution of the Action Plans items. Bumper Buddies also become close, personal, trusted colleagues.

They act as accountability partners, friends, advisors and sounding boards! Along with your other Cohort Members they rally around you to partner in celebrating your successes and point you in the right direction in your difficult times.



NanTrak Industries uses a patented technology breakthrough to solve a very real problem.


Mr Rogers Windows is a multi- state, design/ build contractor that is disrupting its markets to achieve record sales.


Newton Media is having record year after record year build on simple principles and a passion for excellence.


Sona was the premier Franchisor in the med spa industry using disruptive strategies to create astounding growth.


NanTrak Industries uses a patented technology breakthrough to solve a very real problem.

Would YOU like to join US on this Journey of Hope!

Get your FREE copy of
“The E- Conundrum”
to understand becoming an Enterprise builder.


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