Business is HARD

Nothing in business is as easy as we would like it to be. Things are just plain too complicated and getting even more and more complex. According to research, most business failure is caused by lack of 2 things:

  • Know how
  • Experience

Our clients are small to mid-sized companies ranging from $ 2 million to $50 million in sales from a variety of industries (plus a few are selected startups and owners interested in becoming Franchisors). Most have been through the furnace of trials. Many have flirted unhappily with complete failure. All have a doggeddetermination to improve.

The question is? HOW ?

C-Level Services

My name is Tom Noon. I have been a Manager with one of the BIG 4 International CPA firms. I have worked in start-ups and in one of the largest private companies in the world. I have sat in the Presidents chair as well as the Chief Financial and Chief Operating Officer chairs. But, I am not a normal accountant. My core skill set is Disruption, Strategy, and Competitive Drive to Improve.

C-Level Services helps our clients with Both

  • Know how
  • Experience

The easiest way to understand what we do is “Contract CFO Services”; but it’s much more than that. Our clients get a trusted, seasoned, business mentor who has seen been through the fire themselves, been there and done that. Some of a person’s best Experience comes from the failures or close failures.

We want to help our clients traffic through the maze of complication facing today’s business owners without gaining experience from their own failure.

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Building an Enterprise

To Succeed – Survive and Scale

  • Success in business is counter-intuitive. You cannot do what everyone else is doing, or follow the crowd and Succeed in the long term!

  • Long-term Success- survival and scale come from ENTERPRISING, NOT ENTREPRENEURSHIP! It comes from learning how to create a Leadership team who will build systems and processes to support customer development and product development alignment.

So Here Is the Problem—How does an Owner go from being an Entrepreneur to becoming an Enterpriser? That is where C-Level Services steps into the GAP

Basic Enterprise Responsibility Structure (BERS)

The COMPLIMENTARY Leadership Team

Most businesses are started by a Product/Service person. They get some traction and begin to grow and hire staff to do important work. Early On, the Owner and Staff typically wear more than one of these hats. Entrepreneurship takes over and Reaction to whatever comes in the door starts. But no Strategy is in place to be Purposeful, to build based on a future target.

To Succeed the Owner MUST build toward a Leadership Team with Complimentary skills. Failure almost always comes
from missing one of the above Team Members.



NanTrak is a technology driven company. It uses nanotechnology to report and geo track vital signs and other sensor information. It has patented products in both the outdoor hunting space and ballistics. Its outdoor product allows bow hunters to locate game that has been shot so no animal is ever left behind. It sells to both big box outdoor retailers and to independent specialty retailers.

Evan Parker
Founder & President


Mr Rogers Windows (MRW) is a specialty contractor with locations in Hampton Roads, Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina. MRW sells and installs high end aftermarket windows and doors. Its founder, Gerry Rogers, has created an effective marketing machine using both traditional (radio, TV, newspaper, etc.) and non-traditional (social media, call center, door-to-door) marketing for lead creation. Then his highly trained sales staff meets in people’s homes to make sales. The business runs on effective, efficient, repeatable, and scalable systems and process run by an inspired workforce.

Gerry Rogers


Newton Media (NM) is a media placement agency located in Chesapeake, Virginia but places television and radio shows and advertisements both nationally in the United States and around the world. Its specialty is direct response marketing with return on investment analysis for both nonprofit and for profit organizations.

Steve Newton


Sona is a franchisor of MedSpas. It grew rapidly to cover the entire United States and had a liquidity event in its fourth year of operation. Sona used disruptive innovation to successfully compete with doctors for discretionary cosmetic procedures. It also used a disruptive franchising model to expand very rapidly and catch the eye of franchise industry experts.

Dennis R Jones
CEO / Founder


Mascon’s is a demolition company in Hampton Roads, Virginia that does heavy and specialty demolition plus remediation of asbestos and other harmful substances. It has grown from a family founded business into the second generation of family management team. Its new enterprise system helps Mascon’s use technology to add efficiency to its demolition estimation and execution processes.


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