Helping business owners succeed in unprecedented numbers
through a disruptive system of leadership transformation

Fractional CFO/COO Services

C- LEVEL Services offers small and mid-sized company owners a truly unique opportunity to help them achieve their personal and Company Goals! Using our 3 Step Phases of Implementation and 10 Step PROCESS, we quickly help you move from a Reactive Crisis Management State to a Purposeful, Planned and Controlled State that put our clients on a path to achieving SUCCESS.

How do we do this so it works, and at a price that anyone can afford?

  • With our unique PROCESS you get an Incredible ROI!

    You get complimentary skills of a top tier financial executive on a time-share basis. As a result, you benefit from the valuable knowledge and insight of an experienced CFO/COO which can help you with a multitude of business strategy, accounting, tax and management consulting issues all at an affordable rate.

  • With our unique PROCESS you get Quick Results.

    My unique blend of Executive Services enables me to provide immediate leadership for both functional disciplines and strategic initiatives. By leveraging my experience you get a hands-on approach to address strategic, financial and technology leadership issues. The result is timely, measurable results- Quickly.

  • Tired of Crisis Management?

    Move from a Reactive Environment to a Purposeful Future! Add a high-level visionary team member to assist with strategic management decisions affecting both short term and long-term growth and profitability. Utilizing the creative, objective thinking, expertise, and experience of a seasoned veteran often leads to the adoption of ideas and strategies, which help the company to achieve unparalleled success and growth.

Other High Level Benefits of our unique PROCESS

  • Using the C-LEVEL PROCESS, you can develop a tailored plan to meet your GOALS, DESIRES, and NEEDS.
  • Get higher return on your business investment through sound financial management and advice.
  • You save the costly overhead of adding a new executive member to your team. You only pay for the services you require with no added benefits packages.

Three Stages

There are Three Stages in Managing your organization to achieve Success in reaching its goals:

Optimization; Strategy; Innovation

In order to understand OUR PROCESS you first need to get an overview of how the PROCESS interfaces with your organization

Optimization is needed to Take Control of the Present and link the vision, goals and strategies to the operational details of the organization
  • Continuous Improvement Process started
  • Policies and procedures need developed and documented
  • Leverage points must be identified
  • Key performance indicators identified and measured
  • An Inspired and Unified workforce must be developed
  • Owners/CEO need to tap into new skill sets
Strategy is needed to Gain Control of the FUTURE
  • Strategic Planning Process implemented
  • Financial Model developed to test new strategies
  • Strategies and Action plans to the department and individual level
  • Compensation plans developed to maximize results and tie daily activity to long term goals
  • An Inspired and Unified workforce is now possible
  • Owners/CEO need to tap into new skill sets
Innovation is needed to Change the FUTURE
  • Peter Drucker said, “If you aren’t putting your old products and services out of business, your competitors will.”
  • Creative process for new non-commodity products and services
  • Link into inspiration
  • Owners/CEO need to tap into new skill sets

Success Acceleration Diagram


The Process

Phase 1 - Operational Review
  • Discover Owners GOALS, DREAMS, CONCERNS
  • Find and isolate critical needs and risks to company
  • Diagnostic review
  • Develop written plan to address issues
  • Assist with the Solution
Phase 2- Implement the PROCESS

Implement 10 step PROCESS

  • Assess: Identify and Isolate issues, problems and needs (known and unknown);
  • Cash Management process developed
  • Analyze and Build solid infrastructure with documented policies and procedures
  • Identify Leverage Points
  • Identify & measure Key Performance Metrics
  • Create Simplified Strategic Plan and Targets for Growth; Create Strategies to reach targets
  • Start Innovation Process
  • Asset Protection
  • Perform, Measure and Review
  • Continuous Improvement Process: Do it again
Phase 3 – Develop Strategies for Success
  • Strategies for growth & building company value
  • Strategies for asset protection
  • Planning for the harvest of value, or passing on to next generation
  • Strategies to address owners

What is the true Answer to Achieving your Goal?

    • Stop trying to solve all the problems yourself
    • Rely on others with proven expertise for missing skills
    • Find someone who is good at it
    • Bring in someone you as the Owner can trust
    • Begin an Optimization, Planning and Innovation PROCESS
    • Return your focus to building your business
    • Refocus on customers, products and markets
    • Discover new sales with high margins
    • Begin to make yourself replaceable to create true wealth

Benefits of C –LEVEL Services

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    Cost effective - Great ROI

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    Top Tier Financial Expertise with wide breadth of experience

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    Helps connect to other needed resource

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    Trusted, long-term business advisor

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    Compliments the Owner’s skills

  • interest

    Helps create value and wealth

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    Develop successful exit strategies

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    Implementation not just advice

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    Frees-up time for Owners away from their business

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    Let’s the Owner spend more time building your business

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    Helps creates clarity with honesty and integrity applied

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    Collaborative with CPA’s, employees, bankers/lenders

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    Can help with merger and acquisition strategies

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    Create learning organization using the company’s own information so results immediately applied

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    Best of Class Services for Business Development and Company Transformation

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    Can assist with sale or transfer of the business