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through a disruptive system of leadership transformation


NanTrak is a technology driven company. It uses nanotechnology to report and geo track vital signs and other sensor information. It has patented products in both the outdoor hunting space and ballistics. Its outdoor product allows bow hunters to locate game that has been shot so no animal is ever left behind. It sells to both big box outdoor retailers and to independent specialty retailers.

Evan Parker
Founder & President


Mr Rogers Windows (MRW) is a specialty contractor with locations in Hampton Roads, Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina. MRW sells and installs high end aftermarket windows and doors. Its founder, Gerry Rogers, has created an effective marketing machine using both traditional (radio, TV, newspaper, etc.) and non-traditional (social media, call center, door-to-door) marketing for lead creation. Then his highly trained sales staff meets in people’s homes to make sales. The business runs on effective, efficient, repeatable, and scalable systems and process run by an inspired workforce.

Gerry Rogers


Newton Media (NM) is a media placement agency located in Chesapeake, Virginia but places television and radio shows and advertisements both nationally in the United States and around the world. Its specialty is direct response marketing with return on investment analysis for both nonprofit and for profit organizations.

Steve Newton


Sona is a franchisor of MedSpas. It grew rapidly to cover the entire United States and had a liquidity event in its fourth year of operation. Sona used disruptive innovation to successfully compete with doctors for discretionary cosmetic procedures. It also used a disruptive franchising model to expand very rapidly and catch the eye of franchise industry experts.

Dennis R Jones
CEO / Founder


Mascon’s is a demolition company in Hampton Roads, Virginia that does heavy and specialty demolition plus remediation of asbestos and other harmful substances. It has grown from a family founded business into the second generation of family management team. Its new enterprise system helps Mascon’s use technology to add efficiency to its demolition estimation and execution processes.


Paul Cattermole

At the time, I was interim CFO and CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) at Cynosure, Inc. Cynosure and Sona Med Spa worked together to create and grow the Sona chain of hair-removal clinics across the US. As with most start-ups there tense times, but unlike most start-ups, this one was successful. This success was in large part due to Tom. He is intelligent, hardworking, and very resourceful. His integrity is beyond question. If I had a chance to involve Tom in another start-up or restructuring, I would do so without hesitation.

Paul Cattermole
Owner , Cattermole & Associates LLC

David Pearson

Tom is one of the most talented business men that I know. He seeks and achieves excellence in everything he does; he operates with the highest ethical and moral standards and always goes the extra mile with his tasks. Tom has the unusual ability to come up with a vision and also execute it to the smallest detail. Any company with Tom on their team is very lucky indeed!

David Pearson
Owner , EFT Corporation

Matt Breitenberg

Tom and I worked together at Jubilee Tech during a fast growth stage of the company.  As CFO, Tom did an excellent job of managing day-to-day finances, making financial forecasts under various scenarios, and negotiating the acquisition of new capital.  He also capably oversaw the firm’s complex human resources function which involved the hiring of a large number of permanent employees as well as building a massive contractor resource network around the world to perform translation work.  Tom was also a valuable member of the senior leadership team and his strategic thinking capabilities helped guide the company’s rapid growth.  Most importantly, Tom is a man of great character and integrity, trustworthy in every way.

Matt Breitenberg
Founder/ CEO Straight Path Management

Michael Rhodes

I have had the privilege of working with Tom on several projects in the last dozen years. He has brought structure and success to my entrepreneurial ventures. What I have come to appreciate as much as his unwavering commitment to his principles and integrity is his ability to create vision, craft a well-thought-out plan of execution and then roll up his sleeves alongside me to accomplish our goals. I reach out to Tom when I embark on any new initiative, without pause!

Michael Rhodes,
Founder/CEO, Myabui LLC

Chuck Fanero

No matter how long you have been in business or how much success you may have achieved, questions and challenges always present themselves requiring outside counsel, a fresh look, and a new perspective. In building my business, Tom Noon has been one of my go-to-guys. A man of unquestionable integrity, he has never failed me. Insightful, patient, and consistent in his generosity of time and spirit, I am ever grateful for his invaluable advice.

Chuck Fanero,
Founder / CEO DWG Corporation

Guy Chiattello, PHD

Over the past two decades Tom Noon has assisted me in a number of business ventures. Tom is one of the smartest guys I know. He thinks strategically and is also a good marketer. Most importantly, he has impeccable integrity.

  • Tom helped me develop and successfully sell Prisma Software, Inc to Borland International
  • Tom and I worked together on one of the first ecommerce sites developed for B to B transactions in China.
  • Tom also gave me direction and counsel on the development of Vox Business services, an internet based remote assistant service

Tom is an excellent strategic thinker. He helps people stay focused on things that translate to business success. He is also a process guy. I continue to look to him for direction.

Guy Chiattello,PHD,
CEO, Environmental Lubrication Manufacture