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You get executive level results at a fraction of the price of a full time employee and get implementation services that go beyond what a consultant can offer. We become a long term trusted partner supporting our clients in achieving their specific goals.

Using a Fractional Executive involves using a non-employee executive resource to fill gaps in executive leadership and support some or all of the Financial and Strategic functions of a company. This may be on an ongoing, part-time or  FRACTIONAL  basis, full-time defined period covering an absence of staff or as a project resource
At C-LEVEL Services, we offer experts to fill your needs!

  • Gain access to very seasoned professionals that smaller organizations could not typically afford.
  • Get great return for your investment ROI
  • Tap collective best practices at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.
  • Only pay for what you need, when you need it.
  • Benefit from current and applicable market knowledge and relationships leveraged to assist your company
  • Right size the solutions to your needs
  • Ensure your business continues to run smoothly if an employee will be gone for a period of time

In todays challenging business environment, complex accounting and financial situations can distract senior management from its core business. Poor profitability often follows when financial and accounting issues strain the organization.

A Part-Time CFO for Long Term Success

Organizations faced with these challenges can now access higher level talent without the ongoing costs of an experienced, full-time CFO. The ongoing cost of a part-time CFO is a fraction of a full-time CFO.

Valuable Insight, Improved Financial Controls

Small companies need strong financial management every bit as much as large companies. The problem is justifying the high salary and benefits of an experienced CFO. Additionally, the smaller company probably does not have a daily need for this higher level of expertise. Small businesses can gain valuable insight & organizational control by partnering with an experienced finance professional on a part-time basis. C-LEVEL Services takes the time to understand your business and provide this insight in a cost-effective manner.

Contracting a CFO for Real Value
Let us add real value to your organization by:

  • Providing dependable strategic leadership.
  • Adding credibility through experience and objectivity
  • Providing a fresh perspective on data/systems/controls/efficiency/industry norms
  • Acting as a sounding board for senior management in the decision making process

Working with C-LEVEL Services can immediately improve the profitability of your company if it is hampered by limited financial expertise, weak accounting practices or unclear strategic planning. Everyday companies, operating without the guidance of an experienced CFO, lose the opportunity to maximize their potential. Is your company losing out? A PRELIMINARY CONVERSATION WILL COST YOU NOTHING.If we ve piqued your interest, why not call us today at (757) 639-8856, and request a free consultation. If you prefer, E-mail us at tnoon@clevelservices.com with a question. We ll be happy to respond within 24 hours

  • Bank not happy with your financial reports- threatening your banking relationship.
  • Profitability by product line not clear, don t know exact way you are making money so unsure how to make important decisions.
  • Sales up but cash flow is weak. Struggling to pay vendors on time. Not sure of cash position or where all the cash is going.
  • Need capital from angels or VC but unsure how to produce credible plans and budgets.
  • Don t get clear answers related to status of operations.

C-LEVEL Services has worked with a variety of clients representing a wide range of industry segments and sizes.

C-LEVEL Services has worked with a broad range of companies including venture-backed startups, family owned businesses, mid-market companies and even not for profit enterprises.

At C-LEVEL Services, the key to our success is our access to very experienced and versatile executives with hands on experience. These executives have been in the trenches working with companies in good times and trying times and bring a wealth of experience to each client.

C-LEVEL Services takes a professional services approach to providing its services on an as-needed basis. We dedicate an executive to each client company based on their requirements. We are able to place a top level executive on the appropriate tasks at a rate that is very cost effective. This results in a support structure that is very flexible, affordable and scalable for our clients.

C-LEVEL Services charges by the engagement or hour with no minimum fee required and no continuing contractual obligations.

The location depends on the engagement. We tend to work frequently at the client company’s offices. This allows us to effectively respond to your questions and issues on a face-to-face basis and provide valuable services to your employees. However, C-LEVEL Services staff can work offsite with periodic update meetings as needed.

We offer a wide range of services for our clients including short term financial projects, transactional assistance, company transformation training and support, plus sales and business development training and support.

We work with our clients to proactively support the transition to permanent in-house staff when appropriate and can also support your company by finding the right person to fill the position. When a person is brought on board full-time, C-LEVEL Services works closely with them to ensure a smooth transition. Going forward, we can also mentor your staff as needed after transition in areas where you want to tap our expertise and familiarity with changing market conditions.

The C-LEVEL Services is a part time fractional resource that stays with a company as long as our client desires. This depends on each client’s specific needs. Fractional CFO relationships may last for years due to the close advisory relationship that develops. For startups, the C-LEVEL Services team is most often used on a part-time basis and is transitioned to in house staff as their positions grow to require full-time attention. For larger clients, the C-LEVEL Services team is often used as an interim resource to back fill for the absence of a full-time employee or to lead a project. In other cases, C-LEVEL Services staff is used to augment a client’s team when additional resources are needed or to provide particular expertise from time to time. Engagements range from a few months to several years.

Yes, C-LEVEL Services provides Human Resource solutions that complement C-LEVEL Services Financial and Administrative Infrastructure services. Our HR expertise has been developed from the trenches of day to day management and we help create inspired teams using best practices for hiring, employee policies, training and compensation planning.

No, C-LEVEL Services is not a CPA firm. C-LEVEL Services typically serves as an alternative to a full-time in-house finance executive. While we can help a company prepare for these kinds of activities, tax returns and audits are activities performed by an outside independent CPA firm with whom we have an excellent relationship. In fact the party performing the external independent audit relies on the internal work of the company. C-LEVEL Services can help select the right external CPA firm resource and work with the company to negotiate these services and ensure that all internal deliverables are finalized to ensure a smooth audit.

Yes, C-LEVEL Services provides interim and fractional financial and operational support on a professional services basis. While we do help our current clients’ transition to full-time personnel when they are ready, and often help our former clients locate additional resources when needed, we are not focused on the business of professional placement.

Call us at (757) 639-8856 or email us at tnoon@clevelservices.com for more information.


If we ve piqued your interest, why not call us today at (757) 639-8856 and request a free consultation. If you prefer, E-mail us email us at tnoon@clevelservices.com with a question. We ll be happy to respond within 24 hours.