Catalyst Cohorts

Helping business owners succeed in unprecedented numbers
through a disruptive system of leadership transformation

We Help Turn Your Hopes Into Reality!

Cohort - kō-hȯrt

  • a group of warriors or soldiers;
  • a group of individuals having a statistical factor in common, with an emphasis on comradery!

Why we exist

Catalyst Cohorts are Peer to Peer CEO groups. But it’s much more! Catalyst Cohorts is a disruptive, cost effective NEW way for Business Owners, CEO’s, Presidents, Founders who desire to change their thinking and behavior to continually improve and move toward their personal and business success goals.

What are we

Each Catalyst Cohort is a small group based

  1. alternative board of directors
  2. brain trust
  3. mentoring faculty rolled into one

We are a Peer to Peer CEO organization with proprietary technology, best practice know-how and a disruptive value proposition.

How we do this

Catalyst Cohorts consist of Cohorts of 6 similar Marketplace Business Owners with a trained facilitator to manage and move the Cohort forward. Cohorts typically have some similar characteristics- such as B2B; B2C; startups; women in business; business sales between $2 and $10 million, or between $10 and $40 million; some other key demographic or market characteristic.

Once per month on a recurring schedule, the Cohort Members as a group gather for half a day to review financial results and acquire know how and experience with a trusted group of peers and a Leader to find specific actionable way to SUCCEED.

Are You Singing The Entrepreneurs’ Lament?

I am paying WAY too High a Price for Success that never Happens!
I’m not sure that I can make it! My business just won’t grow, I have hit an Invisible Ceiling and it’s stagnant! I am putting in superhuman effort and getting less and less results! My Business will shut down if I go on a much needed Vacation! My schedule and stress are putting a strain on my marriage and other relationships!

1.Reactive vs Purposeful Behavior

Reactionary Behavior
The Tyranny of the URGENT Arises.

Most Entrepreneurs are very busy and pay attention to the problems most screaming for their Attention!

Purposeful Behavior
You have an END firmly in mind.

Successful Enterprisers know where they are going and pay attention to only what will get them there.

2.Poor Business Design

Poor Business design means YOU do all the work. Here is how an Enterprise is typically structured. Each leadership team member has a uniquely qualified skill set to bring value to the Enterprise.

Core Leadership Team

An Enterprise needs to have 3 basic initial responsibilities covered to have scalable success. Different Guru’s call this different things. Jim Collins in “Good to Great” calls this having the right people in the right seats on the bus.


Early in the lifecycle of an Enterprise, some of these leadership responsibilities may be outsourced and/or covered by a one individual wearing multiple hats.Regardless – the people filling leadership roles need to value and naturally follow the Enterprise Culture/Values, and G,W,C—They GET IT; WANT IT; and are CAPABLE OF IT.It - being fulfilling the responsibilities of each of the functions.

Product Person: P

The product person is the “expert” in the Product or Service the Enterprise will deliver to customers with felt needs.

They should be able to execute and communicate how the Enterprise delivers the top needs to the Target Market.

Development Person: D

This is Marketing and Sales as the Target Market is most effectively reached.

In some organizations it will make sense to have both Marketing and Sales covered by individuals on the leadership team.

Marketing gets prospects from the Target Market into the sales funnel.

Sales takes prospects through the Aware; Interested: Considering: Client cycle.

Infrastructure Person: I

The Infrastructure person will be responsible for all the support and back office functions. Accounting; Finance; Capital Structure; Strategic Planning; Cash & Asset Management; Human Resources; Information Technology; Legal and Regulatory; and any others specific to the Enterprise.


The Aligner, typically a Chief Operating Officer type, is the detail day to day person responsible to make sure the rest of the Leadership Team are fulfilling their responsibilities in accordance with agreed upon Priorities, Plans and Enterprise Culture.

Visionary Leader:

The Visionary, often President or CEO, has a view to the future and what can be. They become the face and voice of the Enterprise to the entire Target Market. They LEAD an Inspired work force to accomplish Goals and Objectives set by the Leadership Team. They pattern the Enterprise Culture/Values and Lead by Example.

Unfortunately the Organization structure of the typical Entrepreneur, even with a significant number of people, looks like this:

3.Not Having Productive Time

What % of time are you productive? One Study of Fortune 500 CEO’s estimated it at only 28 minutes per day.

Productive time = Time directly spent improving the value of the business!

Non – Productive Time

  • Talking to friends
  • To Do List Shuffle
  • Reading E-Mails
  • Answering Client Complaints
  • Solving the same Problems over and over

Productive Time

  • Solving Problems once Forever
  • Improving Products or Services
  • Solving Customer problems with new systems or products

Super Productive Time

  • Systematizing the business
  • Developing systems that will Scale
  • Hiring team of the RIGHT People

What are the Results you reap from these Obstacles?


Hard Work

Marginal Results


Yes, business is hard. And business is complicated and getting more so every day with increased government taxation and regulation, not to mention the accelerated technology changes that face us every day.

The number one REASON given for business failure is “Lack of know-how and experience.”

Specifically, Leadership 4 Leaders (L4L Cohorts) is going to show you 3 simple answers that can give you Survival and Scale Success and crush the Obstacles holding you back.

  • 1 Answer Change Your Mindset

    No work! Just changing how you think. L4L Cohorts will teach you the few simple Paradigms (Mind-sets) that you need to have to create your own Enterprise and fall back in love with your business.

  • 2 Answer Find the Levers to break the bondage of constraints blocking your business

    L4L Cohorts will train and give you some simple tools to analyze your business and find Levers to crash through barriers formed to constrain your business from the growth is was built to have.

  • 3 Answer Find the Right People

    L4L Cohorts brings together business owners, each with their unique combination of skills and experience. Plus, couples this Cohort with training, tools and a system to get the most out of your own Leadership and Business opportunities. Then find the right people for the slots needed in your business.

What are the Results of these Answers?

You Make More (Money and Quality of Life)!