Case Studies

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Case Studies

  • Company Reengineering – Start up Health Care Franchisor:

    Company began as a company owned location roll out model. Shortly after September 11, 2001 it became obvious that this model was not going to achieve its goals. We completely re-engineered the business model to a franchising model. Company went from a loss of $1 million in its inaugural year to break-even the second year, to income before tax of over $1.3 million the third, to a sale for 9 times trailing earning less than 12 months later

  • Strategic Plan for Growth of $270 million Big Box Discount Retailer:

    Developed strategic planning and investment planning process to grow from $120 million in sales to $270 million in just over five years while at the same time producing the highest ROI in the industry. Company had no Strategic Planning Process. Developed process to look forward 3 to 5 years and design what the Company would look like at that time based on Owners objectives and integrated planning targets into annual operational plans and capital requirements.

  • Company Turnaround- $50 Million Publishing Company:

    Company was in a cash crisis and not paying its bills. It had a multi-million dollar income tax exposure and a multi-million dollar sales and use tax exposure. Using the C-LEVEL Services Proprietary PROCESS, within a short time these issues were resolved and the foundation set for building significant value in the company. Began with setting up Cash Management and Planning Process to control cash flow and maintain good relationships with vendors. Set up both a Strategic Planning process and a Continuous Improvement Process to take control over the Future of the Company while managing Crisis as they arose. Sold non-strategic assets and set up turnaround processes for underperforming products. Created new compensation programs to inspire performance and achieving Company goals. Researched and created best practice process for hiring and on-boarding new employees.

  • Product Turnaround- $50 Million Publishing Company:

    Exercised management role of a product that had a history of losses since inception. The product delivered futures quotes, charts and technical indicators by satellite. We created a disruptive strategic alliance with an outside newsletter publisher that created a new prequalified lead flow and over a short time moved bottom line to over $80,000 of income before tax.

  • Harvesting Company Value- $50 Million Publishing Company:

    Non-core products during the turnaround process were sold for $3.5 million. Post turnaround the Owner sold several core products for seven figure amounts.

  • Company Turnaround- $10 Million Specialty Contractor:

    What initially was an objective to rollout a successful Specialty Contractor Distributorship turned into a survival mode with the perfect storm of the housing market collapse and deep recession in 2008. In the first partial year of the relationship the Company loss was decreased by $690,000 (60%) and during the second year we formulated and executed strategies to achieve consolidated monthly profit before taxes of over $40,000.

  • Project Financing- Start up Franchisor:

    We helped the founder of this Company negotiate the initial investment agreement of $1.5 million from a strategic investor and then open four company owned centers. We executed the change to a franchising strategy; researched how to become a franchisor, hired an experienced law firm to produce franchise documents and within six months had the Company’s first UFOC approved in all states. Over the next 18 months we designed the marketing plans and assisted in the sale of over 150 locations of this industry pioneer.

  • Company Incubation- Start up Software Company:

    We assisted in the financing and helped incubate a software product that became “Sidekick for Windows” including a marketing plan generating $1 million in first year sales.

  • Merger and Acquisition- $270 million Big Box Discount Retailer:

    Assisted with the purchase of a competitive retail chain, then integrated these stores into the company.

  • Systems Development- $270 million Big Box Discount Retailer:

    Managed complete reengineering of all systems, and created an internal audit department. Company went from a hand posted inventory system to an item computer control system for the entire company during rapid growth from $120 million in sales to $270 million in just over five years.

  • Systems Development- Start up Health Care Franchisor

    Designed an integrated and hosted enterprise system for the entire franchise system that won a Microsoft Pinnacle award in 2006.

  • Other Various

    Designed an integrated and hosted enterprise system for the entire franchise system that won a Microsoft Pinnacle award in 2006.

    • Managed the startup of a magazine.
    • Obtained $1.6 million in venture capital for a software product.
    • Managed an investment fund of $15 million, made multiple investments in media companies in Asia
    • Started a Business to Business Internet company.