Guy Chiattello, PHD

Guy Chiattello, PHD

Guy Chiattello,PHD,

CEO, Environmental Lubrication Manufacture



Over the past two decades Tom Noon has assisted me in a number of business ventures. Tom is one of the smartest guys I know. He thinks strategically and is also a good marketer. Most importantly, he has impeccable integrity.

  • Tom helped me develop and successfully sell Prisma Software, Inc to Borland International
  • Tom and I worked together on one of the first ecommerce sites developed for B to B transactions in China.
  • Tom also gave me direction and counsel on the development of Vox Business services, an internet based remote assistant service

Tom is an excellent strategic thinker. He helps people stay focused on things that translate to business success. He is also a process guy. I continue to look to him for direction.