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Paul Cattermole

Owner , Cattermole & Associates LLC


At the time, I was interim CFO and CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) at Cynosure, Inc. Cynosure and Sona Med Spa worked together to create and grow the Sona chain of hair-removal clinics across the US. As with most start-ups there tense times, but unlike most start-ups, this one was successful. This success was in large part due to Tom. He is intelligent, hardworking, and very resourceful. His integrity is beyond question. If I had a chance to involve Tom in another start-up or restructuring, I would do so without hesitation.

David Pearson

Owner , EFT Corporation



Tom is one of the most talented business men that I know. He seeks and achieves excellence in everything he does; he operates with the highest ethical and moral standards and always goes the extra mile with his tasks. Tom has the unusual ability to come up with a vision and also execute it to the smallest detail. Any company with Tom on their team is very lucky indeed!

Matt Breitenberg

Founder/ CEO Straight Path Management



Tom and I worked together at Jubilee Tech during a fast growth stage of the company.  As CFO, Tom did an excellent job of managing day-to-day finances, making financial forecasts under various scenarios, and negotiating the acquisition of new capital.  He also capably oversaw the firm’s complex human resources function which involved the hiring of a large number of permanent employees as well as building a massive contractor resource network around the world to perform translation work.  Tom was also a valuable member of the senior leadership team and his strategic thinking capabilities helped guide the company’s rapid growth.  Most importantly, Tom is a man of great character and integrity, trustworthy in every way.